EP20 – Hugo Faz

In this interview I chat with Hugo Faz!

Cutting-edge performance art permeates Hugo Faz’s 10 year body of work in photography and filmmaking, whether portraying the Brazilian queer art scene and its personalities, making censorship-defying artistic statements, or via the creation of expanded-body personas, through which the artist immerses himself in themes of identity, body and sexuality, human and human-machine relationship, bio/necropolitics and crypto.

Having minted his first photography as an NFT in April 2021, Hugo Faz is a Light Artist, member of Obscura, as well as the founder of Casa NUA, São Paulo’s first dedicated NFT Gallery and also an incubator of developing world, non-English speaking artists to the NFT space.

For more on Hugo, check out his website https://hugofaz.art/

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