EP10 – Maria Fynsk Norup

Maria Fynsk Norup
Maria Fynsk Norup

Maria Fynsk Norup is a Danish award-winning conceptual fine art photographer. She primarily uses self-portraits as the medium for storytelling in her work, creating imagery that currently revolves around exploring femininity, the human-nature interconnection, and the right to a place in the world. Her inspiration is often drawn directly from dreams, emotions, and past experiences, and her work can vibrate with a dark undertone.

She was originally trained in classical botany, and the love for and inspiration from the plant world inevitably appears in the visual storytelling in her works. Maria’s work has received several international awards in the last couple of years, and her images have been exhibited multiple times in Denmark and abroad.

Site: mariafynsknorup.com
Twitter: @mariafynsknorup
Instagram: @mariafynsknorup

Foundation: https://foundation.app/@mariafynsknorup

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