EP04 – Alex Dawson

In this interview, it’s a discussion with underwater photographer Alex Dawson. We discuss his excitement for the NFT art world and learning to shoot underwater. We also discuss how much the tools of the trade have changed over time, and why now is an ideal time to start getting wet.

About Alex Dawson

Alex Dawson

When Alex took his first breath underwater at the age of 19, little did he know that diving would come to shape the major part of his future life. He quickly became a Dive Master and later served as a military diver in the Swedish marine. In the following years, he worked diving in Egypt, Sudan, the Canary Islands, and Sweden. Since 1999 Alex has been shooting for magazines, websites, brands, books, and music videos and won many major underwater photo competitions all over the world.

Today Alex works as a full-time commercial photographer both over and under the surface. 

He shoots with Nikon Z9 in a Nauticam underwater housing with dome ports and extension rings. He always uses off-camera lighting with lights from BigBlue dive lights and never uses strobes. He hasn’t even owned a macro lens or port for 15 years. – I like capturing the divers in their moment the way we experience the underwater world through our mask he says, that’s why I only shoot the big picture. 


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