EP 00 – Marcos Siqueira

Marcos is a former Wall Street executive and serial entrepreneur turned NFT collector and web3 builder. A Harvard-educated political economist with a tech background, Marcos’s journey from Goldman Sachs to NFT Art included a stint of building political organizing tools around the time of Occupy Wall Street. Originally from Brazil, Marcos has lived in 11 cities and is now in Asia. He plays football and board games regularly.

What is Light?

Marcos Siqueira

Light.art is a publisher of exceptional photography specialized in digital assets.

Light unites the traditional and digital worlds of photography while reimagining the way visual art is valued, curated, and collected.

Our mission is to establish long-term value for our artists, collectors, and community.

We focus on the fundamentals that have sustained the art of photography for almost 200 years – great images that tell captivating stories and evoke a true emotional response.

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